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Celebration of


January 28,2018

Trinity Choir
Wally and Dana
Tracy Poncher
Wally, Ruth, Dana
Taylor Hardy
Sean Towery
Sean And Jake Towery
Ruth And Dana
Rebecca Jackson
Masselink and Borck Family
Katie and Jayna
Jersey Preston
Jake Towery
Jake Klukas
Isabel Poncher
Gwen Poncher
Gwen Poncher on violin
Eric Schweinzger
Dana And Ruth 2
Brian and Al Blum
Bells 5
Bells 4
Adalynn playing the violin with her Aunt
Bells 1
Bells 2
Betty and Dana Duet with Heidi turning pages
Bells 3

Valentine's Day Dinner 

valentine 4
Valentines Dinner with patrons

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Wally and Dana