Mel Trotter’s Ministry

supported here at Trinity.

January thru April

Background information:

            Finding new and better ways to meet the needs of the Grand Rapids Community has always been the goal of MTM. Doing this requires revenue. To this end we opened five retail locations that directly support the work of the ministry.

           We also found a new way to assist publicly intoxicated people by taking a leading role in the Grand Rapids Public Inebriates Task Force. Thanks to the program, intoxicated people are no longer brought to expensive hospital emergency rooms. They’re brought to specially equipped facilities at our shelter, where trained staff can monitor and assist them.

            To help live-in recovery program residents, we offer free or greatly reduced dental, vision, and chiropractic services from local medical professionals. This strengthens their ability to become healthy, self-sufficient and productive. Moving forward, we’ll continue to find effective new ways to help the hurting and homeless of our community.

Website: www.meltrotter.org 

Serving Opportunities:

Starting January Trinity will be collecting socks and underwear for adults for Mel-Trotter.



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