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The Title Fight

Resiliency is a trademark of being a Christian that is not mentioned nearly enough. This is what I like to term the superpower that every Christian possesses but the super-power that Christians do not utilize nearly enough.

Every person in this life get knocked down. This is not something unique to one group of people or to just one person. So never ever think you are the first person to get knocked down or that you are the first person to go through a certain trial in life or you are unique because of your trial. People have been in your shoes before and people in the future will be where you are right now.

But what will make you special and unique is your ability to get up off the mat when life knocks you down.

This is resiliency kicking in.

This is the wonderful power that all Christians possess but not all Christian utilize. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we have the ability to get up off the floor of life and move on, if we so choose to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit and move on.

I truly believe it is not my successes in this life that have made me an effective shepherd but it is my failures that have so uniquely equipped me to shepherd God's flock.

I can not tell you friends how many times, I have been beaten and kicked to the floor by life. I have been abandoned. I have been divorced. I have been homeless. I have been flat broke. I have gone through bankruptcy. I have been falsely accused. I have been without work. I have had continuing medical concerns. But none of these events define me. None of these events will keep defeat me, discourage me, depress me, or leave me hopeless.

Each of these traumatic life events have strengthened me. They have shown me that God is refining me in a way that I can demonstrate to others who are at these places in life that God can and will deliver you when life kicks you in the teeth.

Friends Jesus will not leave you bloodied, battered, and bruised by this life. Jesus will help you up off the mat and He will give the strength to keep going.

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