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Reluctant Fighter

My greatest temptation at this moment is to go off on politics and world affairs. I have opinions on the things of this world like everyone else, but I find myself being lead to withdraw from politics and world affairs instead of diving headlong.

I wish I could give a valid reason as to why I feel lead to move in another direction but I just don't have one.

Many times when things heat up on certain issues, I find that I begin to move in a totally different direction in my teaching and preaching than what is the hot and heavy topic of the day.

I haven't really thought as to why I move in a different direction in my preaching and teaching when things heat up other than I feel as if the Spirit is moving me to a place where I'm more likely to be heard on topics that God finds more pressing.

Currently I feel burdened to train, prepare, and equip disciples.

I feel as if this is the proper response to the current politics and world affairs that are before us.

I feel as if the greatest response Christians and churches can make in response to worldly crisis' is to offer a spiritual response, like doubling down on making disciples.

I think the easy response is to respond in our flesh and engage the monster head on with the full force of our fleshly nature.

But I think the more effective response is a spiritual response to the forces of darkness that prey upon this world.

Paul writes in Ephesians 6:12...For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

I think by us responding in our flesh that we do nothing but add fuel to the fires that are raging in our world. I think the only response that can put out the fires of this world are spiritual responses.

I don't think we take enough time to consider what may be driving the crisis' of our world and how Satan is using these crisis' to get our focus and attention off of the only force that can defeat Him and His evil, namely Jesus Christ.

Again, I can only surmise this is the reason as to why I feel lead to move in a different direction than straight into the fight.

So again I ask (as we all ask) what should we say against the encroaching evil in our world affairs and in our politics?

I think we should get dirt on our knees and ask God how to move in a way that best prepares us to defeat evil once and for all.

I like you want to respond in my flesh but I feel as if that is counter productive. I feel now is the time to double down on our efforts to equip, train, and prepare the church for the fight of its life.

This is what I feel the Spirit is calling me to do as his shepherd church.

I just wish God would let me go guns blazing in my fleshly spirit but I know my life is not my own but it is His.

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