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The War

Hate is a strong word and we teach our children to not hate.

But let me ask hypothetically, "shouldn't we hate sin"?

The obvious answer is yes. But how much have we sanitized our lives that we are unable to hate anything? Is it even possible to muster enough emotion in us to put the hate on sin?

To put sin into perspective...sin is the cancer of our soul.

And I don't know about you but my soul is ravaged by it. It is a constant daily battle to be "sin free" and it exhausts me.

I'm tired of being selfish. I'm tired of wanting my way. I'm tired of hurting the ones I love. I'm tired of doing the things I don't want to do. I so desperately want to break free and live free of these chains.

But can I muster enough hate of my sin that I'm willing to fight it with everything in me? Or am I just going to give in and be consumed by it?

Lord, I am weak so I need you to be strong in me. Give me the strength to hate the sin in me that I am willing to continue to get up and fight what seeks to destroy me.

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