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Does anyone know what time it is?

For those of you of a certain age, music style, and memory you will understand the reference to this question (the music group Chicago).

As a fan of music, I love almost any style of music. My Pandora station is like a mix tape (again those of you of a certain age will remember those old cassette mix tapes).

My Pandora station has everything from Sam Cooke to Frank Sinatra to REM to Pearl Jam to Linkin Park to Skillet to Caedmon's Call to Johnny Cash to Hank Williams Jr. to Keith Urban to Chris Tomlin to Classical to Swing to Led Zepplin to Depeche Mode. I'm eclectic in my music, just like in my faith.

And I think my walk with Jesus is all the better and richer because of my wanderings, questioning, and refusal to accept my Christianity in pre-packaged box.

My faith is Baptist in theology, Wesleyan in practice, contemporary in worship with a bent toward blended worship, and Congregational in organizational structure.

And as a result of this strange mix, I don't know how I identify myself as a Christian other than to say that I'm a follower of Jesus Christ.

And in our world today, I think I'm more understood than ever before. Because we live in a robust pluralistic society where the lines of where one thing stops and another begins is more blurred than ever before.

I like to say that I borrow and utilize from the best practices that I have found. And I can honestly say I'm restless in chasing after the heart of Jesus, wherever that may be...from any source that shares Jesus in a newfound way that draws me into a deeper relationship with Him.

And I believe that is what is rich about having so many different voices of Christianity. Each voice gives us a different side of Jesus that maybe we haven't considered before and as long as that voice leads us to the heart of Jesus it has it's place.

Does anyone know what time it is?

The Baptist say it's one o'clock. The Wesleyan's say it 2:30. And the Congregationalist are still arguing about which watch has the correct time.

But as long as they are all on Jesus time does it really matter what time it is?

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